About us

About a century ago, on the slopes of Vesuvius, Giuseppe Parisi and his son Umberto began specializing in the drying of the "Sorrento" walnut, exposed to the sun in their backyard. In a very few years, the selection of raw material and the skill developed in roasting and processing the products of the Vesuvian territories also made the Parisi family a point of reference throughout Italy for the marketing of the famous fresh peaches from Campania.

With Giuseppe Parisi, in the 1980s, the business underwent a rapid evolution, transforming itself from a small family-run workshop into an increasingly innovative and technological industry: in addition to investments in machinery and human resources, the push for internationalization, especially in terms of imports, also allowed a further leap in quality.

Now in its fourth generation, Parisi S.p.A. today collaborates with the main GDO and DO chains to which it guarantees a wide range of products and packaging, punctual deliveries and, above all, effective product quality, obtained starting from the selection of suppliers and raw materials and accurate controls during processing and transformation.

Increasingly attentive to consumer needs, in recent years the company has strengthened its customer service and research&development department, also specializing in the production of new snacks and organic dried fruit.